Our team doesn’t just talk the talk… we walk the walk.


Champagne Lion is a boutique marketing agency deeply rooted in fitness and wellness – with the ideal blend of corporate marketing experience and serious passion for wellness. (Talk about the best of both worlds!)

 If you want to be consistent in your marketing and build an intentional community, you need someone who can take over, tell you what you need, and direct the work while being true to your overall vision and brand. That’s what we do best.

What drives our work?




We deliver what we promise, every time. We’re transparent about what we can do for your brand and put in the hard work behind the scenes to get the results you deserve.

We’re the quarterback you want on your team. We’re here to give you direction, help you execute, and most importantly, win – new leads, more sales, and stronger communities.

Our job is to build a marketing system that enhances your brand awareness, brings in leads, increases your revenue, and helps you expand your business, reach, and impact.

Champagne Lion started because there was a serious hole in the marketing world…


Hey, I’m Kimber. I founded Champagne Lion after spending years in corporate marketing and realizing there was a lack of honest marketing teams out there who were also getting serious results. 

I take my work very seriously and treat your business exactly like it’s my own. I legit dream about creative solutions to my clients’ marketing challenges. 

I’ve built a wildly talented team of passionate marketers who are as obsessed with their own health and wellness as they are with helping you get the leads, sales, and customers you deserve. 

We’ve found that our radical data transparency, cutting-edge solutions, and limitless energy mean better results for our clients – and we think you’ll enjoy the perks of working with our team of experts. 

Hey, I’m

Your marketing team should share your love of fitness, health, and wellness.

You should be able to do more of what you love without being weighed down by running, growing, and scaling your business.

Your success is our success… and we’re not into losing 

We believe

Ready to work with the marketing authority for health and fitness brands?