We measure growth in a variety of ways. We look at impressions, website traffic, engagement rate, followers, etc. The first month our clients will see a LARGE jump as we kick off a new strategy, and then we enjoy seeing clients continuing to grow in all categories, on average, between +3-5%.

What type of growth can I expect after hiring you?


We kick off our clients on a 3-month retainer and from there, month to month.

What type of commitment does this require?

Our goal is to take as much off your plate as possible when it comes to marketing! However, we still need your time to commit to 1) Reviewing content (1 hour), 2) Meet with us for a monthly performance meeting (1 hour), 3) Help us coordinate photo/video shoots in terms of dates to attend and staff who will be present.

I recognize this is a team effort, how much involvement is required from the business?

Your account will be managed by 4 people! You will have an account manager who serves as your point of contact, social media manager who creates the content, community manager who posts stories, responds to comments/DM’s, builds social community, and a creative lead who is in charge of capturing photos and video.

Who is responsible for the work on our account?

We have a team member who spends two hours per week reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and keeping a finger on the pulse to stay on top of what is new and now. Lucky for me, my daily Instagram scroll also counts as in-depth field research as well!

How do you stay up to date with the latest marketing trends and technology?

Our social media packages start at $2,000 per month. In terms of paid ads and email, we require all clients to have a solid organic social presence before we do anything else.

How much should do your services cost?

We start every partnership with an in depth questionnaire and kick off call that goes over your brand mission, values, voice, likes and dislikes, goals, etc.

What is your process for getting to know our brand?

We know how to speak to your audience because we ARE your audience (for the most part). Working in the fitness and wellness space, we not only have a background in the trenches as trainers, instructors, etc. but we are committed to wellness and regularly utilize products and services every day that contribute to that. We have helped scale a large range of businesses in the space with our unique approach and look forward to doing the same for you!

What sets you apart from other agencies?

Until we have collected benchmark data from our campaigns, it is not possible to predict lead generation quantities. The success of our efforts is highly dependent on the quality of the content (which we haven’t created for you yet), the value of the offers in your campaigns, competition, etc.

How many leads per month can we expect to receive when using your paid ad services?

If you are in the DFW area, we have you covered! We also have creative teams in New York City, Miami, Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Scottsdale, and San Diego. If you have a photo/video partner you enjoy working with, we will happily work with them to coordinate your shoots. 

Do you provide the creative team or is this something we need to find on our own?